Genuine Peopleí»s Paradise


September 9, 2017, marks the 69th anniversary of the foundation of the Democratic Peopleí»s Republic of Korea, the true fatherland of the Korean nation and genuine peopleí»s land.

Genuine fatherland and peopleí»s land!

Everybody is desirous of it. Peaceful environment never comes of itself simply because people wish it.

Then, where is it?

It is the DPRK founded by President Kim Il Sung, the most prominent and great person in the history of humankind.

During the anti-Japanese armed struggle, he put forward the unique line of building the peopleí»s government and accumulated valuable experiences to implement the line. On the basis of it, he laid the groundwork for building of a country and founded the DPRK on September 9, 1948.

The foundation of the DPRK was the first great appearance of Juche-oriented peopleí»s government in the history of founding country in independence era. After the foundation, a fundamental turn was brought about in the carving out the destiny of the Korean people. Thatí»s why a poet of the DPRK noted, in his poem My Fatherland, that the fatherland is the embrace of President Kim Il Sung.

In the intricate days after Koreaí»s liberation, the President rallied all patriotic Korean people into a single force with broad magnanimity to smash the maneuvers of the US to divide Korea. And he founded the genuine peopleí»s state representing the general will of the nation. Thanks to his exploits of founding the country, now, the Korean people are highlighted as people of invincible nuclear power no formidable enemy dares provoke.

Under the warm care and wise leadership of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il, the DPRK has been developed into a peopleí»s paradise in which the popular-mass-first idea is thoroughly embodied.

The root of socialism is people. One of the DPRKí»s unlimited power is the peopleí»s absolute trust in and support for it. In south Korea, worshipping and submitting to the US have been adopted as the í░national policyí▒ and a lot of people have committed suicide to get rid of a veritable hell. But, in the DPRK, The People are My God, the lifelong motto of the great leaders, has been materialized to the letter and the entire people are ready to defend their leader and fatherland. This is a stark difference between the independent revolutionary people grown up by the great leaders and modern slaves suffered by the outsiders and puppet henchmen. And also it is a difference between the genuine peopleí»s land and colony. The above-said facts show that the bright future of the Korean nation is in the DPRK.

Now, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, who is identical with the preceding leaders, makes the DPRK as the socialist peopleí»s paradise and invincible power with his politics of prioritizing the people and respecting and loving them.

In the 7th Congress of the WPK, he said that grand national unity is just national reunification and a reunified thriving nation.

The independent dignity and ever-lasting happiness of the nation can be ensured only when the whole nation, united close around the supreme leader, turns out in the drive for building a reunified country.

Thanks to wise leadership of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who leads the nation to patriotic struggle for reunification, the day of reunification will soon come true and reunified Korea will be the most powerful country in the world.