Madcap Saber-rattling


The intermediate-and-long range strategic ballistic rocket launching drill of the KPA Strategic Force was conducted to counter the Ulchi Freedom Guardian joint military drills by the U.S. and the south Korean belligerent forces at dawn of August 29.

Hwasong-12 rocket launched by the DPRK at the day hit the preset waters in the northern Pacific after flying over the Japanese archipelago.

On August 30, the south Korean authorities, vociferating about "demonstration of strong capabilities of punishment", hastily staged bomb dropping drills by F-15K fighter bombers in league with the U.S.

Two B-1B nuclear strategic bombers from Guam, F-35B Stealth fighters from Japan and F-15K fighter bombers from Daegu conducted joint aerial exercises.

The bomb dropping drills was aimed at precision bomb dropping on the DPRK leadership and important facilities.

The south Korean authorities opened to the public the firing exercise of Hyonmu ballistic missiles.

The south Korean warmongers are pushing the situation on the Korean Peninsula to the point of explosion by conducting beheading operation and secret operation to remove the DPRK leadership and reckless war games to counter the test-launch of the DPRKs ballistic rocket with the OPLAN 5015, a war scenario for preemptive strike at the DPRK. 

The south Korean bellicose force should behave with prudence, keeping in mind that their foolhardy war maneuver would face doom in the face of self-defensive nuclear force of the DPRK which successfully carried out a test of H-bomb for ICBM on September 3.