Statement of Vice Chairman of the AINDF Central Committee


The strategic position of north Korea is rising on the highest level led by the illustrious commander born of heaven. The New Year Address made by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un is inspiring south Korean vanguard fighters and people of various circles with confidence in sure victory.

He offered new year greetings to the compatriots in the south who are fighting for the reunification of the country. His greetings are greatly impressing the people as he is possessed of the warm love for the country and nation as his inborn disposition.

His New Year Address is filled with an inflexible determination and will to improve inter-Korean relations and take decisive measures for achieving a breakthrough for independent reunification without being obsessed by bygone days in accordance with dignity of being a world-class nuclear power.

Last year, the Korean nation in the south and the north and abroad waged a dynamic drive to safeguard peace of the country and accelerate national reunification.  

The Park Geun-hye regime, which had resorted to sycophancy and confrontation with fellow countrymen and pursued anti-national and anti-reunification policy, collapsed thanks to the massive candlelight resistance by the enraged people and efforts to secure national security and mend inter-Korean ties have been made.

However, the situation on the Korean Peninsula is volatile owing to the harshest sanctions and pressure of the U.S. and its vassal forces with north Koreas buildup of self-defensive nuclear deterrence.  Grave difficulties are on the way to the national reunification. 

It is high time to improve inter-Korean relations and take decisive measures for achieving a breakthrough for independent reunification.

 Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, in his New Year Address, said that this year is significant both for the north and the south as in the north the people will greet the 70th founding anniversary of the DPRK as a great, auspicious event and in the south the Winter Olympic Games will take place. He put forward ways and means to improve the frozen inter-Korean relations and glorify this meaningful year as an eventful one noteworthy in the history of the nation.

To ease the acute military tension between the north and the south and create a peaceful environment on the Korean Peninsula is an indispensible demand to repair inter-Korean relations and achieve independent reunification.

The Korean nation has ability and wisdom to avert a war and ease tension on the Korean Peninsula.

North Korea is a world-class nuclear and military power with the greatest military muscle capable of repulsing war maneuvers of the U.S. and any aggressive elements.

The United States will not dare to invade north Korea because the latter currently has a powerful nuclear deterrent.

Regarding north Koreas powerful nuclear deterrence as the treasured sword for safeguarding peace, the Korean nation should work together to create a peaceful environment.

The south Korean authorities should respond positively to north Koreas sincere efforts for a détente, instead of inducing the exacerbation of the situation by joining the United States in its reckless moves for a north-targeted nuclear war that threatens the destiny of the entire nation as well as peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula.

Creating a climate favorable for national reconciliation and reunification is a practical demand to repair inter-Korean relationship and reunify the country.

The improvement of inter-Korean relations is a pressing matter of concern to all other Koreans, and it is a crucial task to be carried out through a concerted effort by the entire nation.

The south and the north should promote bilateral contact, travel, cooperation and exchange on a broad scale to remove mutual misunderstanding and distrust, and fulfill their responsibility and role as the motive force of national reunification.

The people of all backgrounds should make active contact, visit each other and promote multifarious cooperation and exchange. 

In his New Year Address, he said that he will open doors to anyone from south Korea, including the ruling party and opposition parties, organizations and individual personages of all backgrounds, for dialogue, contact and travel, if they sincerely wish national concord and unity.

The civic groups and people of all walks of life, keeping the Supreme Leaders intention and will to reunify the country in their minds, should launch nationwide action to put a definite end to the acts that might offend the other party and incite discord and hostility between fellow countrymen.

It is very important to raise the banner of national independence higher than ever before in mending the south-north ties.

Inter-Korean relations are, to all intents and purposes, an internal matter of the nation. Nothing is impossible if the Korean nation solves all issues on the principle of by the concerted efforts of the nation arising in the process of mending inter-Korean relationship.

The south and the north have a proud history and tradition of reunification era by jointly solving issues arising in improving inter-Korean relations and achieving reunification.

Touring foreign countries to solicit help on the issue of inter-Korean relations will give the outside forces, who pursue dishonest objectives, an excuse for their interference and complicate matters further.

I will, in the future, too, resolve all issues by the efforts of our nation itself under the unfurled banner of national independence and frustrate the schemes by anti-reunification forces within and without on the strength of national unity, thereby opening up a new history of national reunification, the Supreme Leader affirmed. His words serve as an inspiring banner for the south Koreans all out in the drive for movement for independent reunification.

The south Korean people should intensify energetic action to foil challenges of the anti-reunification elements within and without.

Venerating Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un as the leader of reunification and father of the nation, the AINDF will perform its mission as a vanguard of revolution for independence, democracy and reunification by waging a vigorous action to improve inter-Korean relations and take decisive measures for achieving a breakthrough for independent reunification.


January 5, 2018