In Praises for the Great Persons

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                Indelible Trace Left in Panmunjom (11/2017)

                Stirring Songs of Great Eras (11/2017)

                Mainstay of Revolution (10/2017)

                Tradition of DIU (10/2017)

                For Improvement of the Peoples Health (10/2017)

                History of Struggle for Reunification (10/2017)

                Great Mother of Korea (09/2017)

                Out of Love for Rising Generation and Future (09/2017)

                Genuine Peoples Paradise (09/2017)

                A Youth Power (08/2017)

                Great Exploits for Songun (08/2017)

                Benefactor of National Resurrection (08/2017)

                Immortal Program for Reunification (08/2017)

                Great Achievements for Victory (07/2017)

                Great Brilliant Commander (07/2017)

                Eternal Sun of the Nation (07/2017)

                Grand Program of Independent Reunification (07/2017)

                Historic Days (06/2017)

                Great Exploits for Party Building (06/2017)

                Immortal Milestone (06/2017)

                Torchlight of Pochonbo (06/2017)

                Historic May

                Blessed Land for Working People (04/2017)

                Single-hearted United Invincible Revolutionary Army (04/2017)

                Immortal Feats for Reunification (04/2017)

                Land of Affection (03/2017)

                Historic Inspection of Panmunjom (03/2017)

                Eternal Lodestar of Koreas Reunification (02/2017)

                Great Personality (01/2017)

                Ardent Reverence (01/2017)

                People Follow Their Leader (01/2017)